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A picture by Polish photographer Laura Makabresku.


A short story and art works by digital artist and writer Niels Gercama.
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Collages by Belgian artist Katja Homolka
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Gaze #1

Gaze #1 (2020) is a collage work by Dutch artist and writer Leonor Faber-Jonker.

The first birthday he is not alive

A poem by American poet Ollie Schminkey, from Dead Dad Jokes (Button Poetry, 2021)

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A series of pictures by Rim Battal
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In December 2021, Place will be published: a book of photographs and poems by Gilles Boeuf. The book will also contain translations of the poems into English, by translator Claudette Sherlock. You can order the book here. Yes The Void publishes one translation in advance, along with the Dutch original.
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Le viol du pouvoir

Légende : Le viol du Pouvoir / © Deborah de Robertis / Photo : Guillaume Belvèze
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Yes The Void Podcast: Aaron Kunin

An interview with the American poet Aaron Kunin, on his collection of poems Love Three (Wave Books, 2019). This interview is, along with six translations by Joost Baars, published in Belgian poetry magazine Poëziekrant 5-2021 (september-oktober 2021).
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