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A series of photographs by Estelle Boelsma.

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Pleure, pleure donc

A poem in handwriting by French poet and actress Laura Lutard.

Unemployed VI

A poem in handwriting by Italian poet, translator and spoken word artist Alberto Rigettini.

The Sore Throat

A clip by Ben Doller of a reading of Aaron Kunin’s ‘The Sore Throat’ (From: The Sore Throat & Other Poems, 2010).

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Yes The Void Podcast: Lesteria

Yes The Void interviews sound artist Lesteria: “When I record myself, I’m trying to capture the way my thoughts feel.”

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The Moon is Trans

A poem by Joshua Jennifer Espinoza

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The Mother of God/Compassion

‘Compassion’, from: ‘The Mother of God’. Photography by Laura Makabresku

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Uit de velden welt de zondvloed

Een gedicht van Joost Decorte, door Uitgeverij Demian uitgegeven op zeefdruk en stempel op een oude schietkaart (30:25 cm). Vormgeving: Jelle Jespers. Auteursfoto: Koen Broos.

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Lonelygirl15 is telling me about her day

Yes The Void publishes a new poem by Merel van Slobbe, with an illustration by May Blank (Instagram: @fraublank).

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