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maria kulikovska

Folds of Armor

folds of armor 

“Me” as “I”: I relate all the time to an “Other” as someone else; and in these relations I focus my self-understanding through the ‘skin’ – both physical and metaphorical – of my surroundings by means of embodiment. We are wholly affected by sharing this membrane which is landscape of architecture: the body of the space, the public space, where we live, where we build a life and society, where we can ask “Who are you?”… “Who am I?”

[An essay by Maria Kulikovska]

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Happy Birthday

On November 23th, 2015, Ukranian artist Maria Kulikovska performed a ‘recreation of the destruction’ of the soap sculptures ‘Homo Bulla’ (2012). Today, during the inauguration of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, we repost the clip, by kind permission of the artist.
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