Kim Addonizio (1954) is an American poet, novelist and musician (website).

Joost Baars (1975) is a Dutch poet (website).

Rim Battal (1987) is a French-Moroccan poet and photographer (tumblr).

May Blank is a Dutch illustrator (Instagram).

Estelle Boelsma (1971) is a Dutch poet and artist (publisher’s website).

Gilles Boeuf (1970) is a Dutch poet and photographer (website).

Adam Hunter Caldwell (1963) is an American artist (website).

Elena Cermaria (1976) is an Italian artist (tumblr).

Kavour S. Christos is a Greek composer (Soundcloud)

Kiki Coumans (1971) is a Dutch translator (website).

Alexandra Crouwers (1974) is a Belgian artist (website).

Joost Decorte (1971) is a Belgian poet (publisher’s website).

Nikki Dekker (1989) is a Dutch poet (tumblr).

Marine Delgado is a French artist (website).

Zehra Doğan is a Kurdish artist and journalist.

Floris Duijvestein (1976) is a Dutch-Phillipine artist (website).

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza (1987) is an American poet (website).

Edwin Fagel (1973) is a Dutch poet (website).

Maxime Garcia Diaz (1993) is a Dutch poet (website)

Ross Gay (1974) is an American poet (website).

Rozalie Hirs (1965) is a Dutch poet and composer (website).

Sylvia Di Ianni is an Italian body-artist, performer and painter (website)

Sonia de Jager (1988) is a Brazilian researcher

Hans Janssen (1952) is a Dutch artist (website).

Aranya Johar (1998) is an Indian poet (Instagram).

Frank Keizer (1987) is a Dutch poet (website).

Michael Klein is an American poet (website).

Alison Grace Koehler is an American stained glass poet (website).

Sara Koning (1991) is a Dutch artist (website).

Maria Kulikovska (1988) is a Ukranian artist (website).

Aaron Kunin (1973) is an American poet (publisher’s website)

Dorothea Lasky (1978) is an American poet (website).

Lesteria is an American experimental vocal and sound recording artist (website).

Van Lonesome is a Dutch singer-songwriter (website).

Lucy Loomis (1996) is an American photographer (website).

Laura Lutard is French poet and actress (website).

Mac FIT is a French musician (website).

Laura Makabresku (1987) is a Polish photographer (website).

Lieke Marsman (1990) is a Dutch poet (website).

Laurette Massant (1985) is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist (website).

Camille Moravia (1970) is a French artist (website).

Roelof ten Napel (1993) is a Dutch writer and poet (website).

Ezra Olga is a singer-songwriter (website).

Femmy Otten (1981) is a Dutch artist (website).

Nina El Polin is a French artist (Vimeo).

Alberto Rigettini is an italian poet, translator and spoken word artist (Facebook)

Deborah De Robertis (1984) is a Luxembourg artist (website).

Felix Rothschild is a German digital artist (website).

Merel van Slobbe (1992) is a Dutch poet (website).

Danez Smith (1990) is an American poet (website).

Renie Spoelstra (1974) is a Dutch artist (website).

Christophe Tarkos (1963-2004) was a French poet.

Barbara Timmers is a Dutch gallery owner (website).

Alexander Tinei (1967) is a Moldavian artist (website gallery).

Paul Tran is an Asian American poet (website).

Barbara Tscharnidling (1974) is a Dutch-Austrian photographer (instagram).

Gabriele Viertel (1969) is a Dutch photographer (website).

Nadia de Vries (1991) is a Dutch poet (website).

Wieske Wester (1985) is a Dutch artist (website)

Heriberto Yépez  (1974) is a Mexican poet (website).