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sound collage

Rue de Gouet, Saint Brieuc, 16 juillet 2022, 22.47

A sound collage by French artist Heloïse X

Negative Space

Official video clip for Negative Space, a vocal and sound art piece by Lesteria. Video produced and directed by Paris Heretics, 2020. All text, soundscaping, and instrumentation composed and performed by Lesteria. The clip is on Yes The Void accompanied by three photos of Lesteria by Lucy Loomis.

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Simultaneous Marathon

A sound collage of 30+30 Dichtersmarathon, January 26th 2017, Perdu Amsterdam.

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Mac FIT – Impedimenta

Read the poem by Rim Battal here.

Reading & music: Mac FIT

Against Trump


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get out of the car

A sound collage by Edwin Fagel

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