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Drie Gedichten

A series of poems by Dutch poet Lars Ruben.
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3 стихотворения/ 3 gedichten

Виктория Гопко

Three poems by Ukrainian poet Viktoria Gopko, translated in Dutch by Katya Belinchenko.

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This Is God in Her Guts

Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham, Alabama, 2012. Photo by Carrie Chappell.

A poem by American poet Carrie Chappell. This poem was first published in January 2022 in #Firebrand, an anthology of White Stag Publishing.

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Shop Girl

Aantekeningen uit de planningsfase van Shop Girl van Dominique De Groen (Het Balanseer, 2017).

From Glass to Verse – De Verre en Vers

This ‘Mirror’ is from the new series of windows built into found frames / Ce ‘Miroir’ fait partie de la nouvelle série de fenêtres construites à l’intérieur de cadres trouvés

Alison Koehler will be exhibiting a new series of stained glass works at Espace Canopy from March 16th to 27th. This exhibition coincides with Le Printemps des Poètes. Poetry is an important component to the glassworks, as well as the different events that will be taking place at the gallery during this time. Here’s a detailed line-up of all happenings.

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Dichter Edwin Fagel publiceert, in eigen beheer, een opnieuw afgeronde versie van zijn derde bundel nul (Nieuw Amsterdam, 2014). Het resultaat kreeg de titel o!. De compositie is omgegooid en naast een aantal nieuwe gedichten en omgewerkte versies van de gedichten uit nul is er ook een flink aantal gedichten geschrapt. Destijds werd nul helemaal niet zo slecht ontvangen en we zijn inmiddels ruim zeven jaar verder. Waarom dan deze nieuwe versie, en waarom in eigen beheer? Een interview.

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A poem from We Call Them Beautiful (Diode Editions, 2019) by American poet KC Trommer.
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The first birthday he is not alive

A poem by American poet Ollie Schminkey, from Dead Dad Jokes (Button Poetry, 2021)

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In December 2021, Place will be published: a book of photographs and poems by Gilles Boeuf. The book will also contain translations of the poems into English, by translator Claudette Sherlock. You can order the book here. Yes The Void publishes one translation in advance, along with the Dutch original.
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