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From Glass to Verse – De Verre en Vers

This ‘Mirror’ is from the new series of windows built into found frames / Ce ‘Miroir’ fait partie de la nouvelle série de fenêtres construites à l’intérieur de cadres trouvés

Alison Koehler will be exhibiting a new series of stained glass works at Espace Canopy from March 16th to 27th. This exhibition coincides with Le Printemps des Poètes. Poetry is an important component to the glassworks, as well as the different events that will be taking place at the gallery during this time. Here’s a detailed line-up of all happenings.

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The Sore Throat

A clip by Ben Doller of a reading of Aaron Kunin’s ‘The Sore Throat’ (From: The Sore Throat & Other Poems, 2010).

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Lascaux (3)

Op 4 oktober 2018 vond in het Amsterdamse Perdu het programma ‘Lascaux: mystiek en erotiek in de hedendaagse kunst en poëzie’ plaats. Yes The Void publiceert in deze serie teksten, beelden en geluidsfragmenten van deze avond. In dit derde deel de clip van ‘Edrim’.

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not an elegy for Mike Brown

A poem by Danez Smith.

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Marie-Madeleine / maria magdalena

The work ‘Marie Madeleine’ by Laurette Massant inspired the poem  ‘maria magdalena’  by Edwin Fagel.
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Alternatieve vragen en antwoorden

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Poëzie in de Passage #1

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