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Mussels #5

Mussels #5 by Wieske Wester.


“The strength that lies in simple and everyday objects is often the starting point for Wieske Wester’s work. These are images without masks that appeal by their lack of visual violence and spectacle, but are nevertheless characterized by a certain degree of ambiguity. Wester’s paintings and drawings depict the human desire for identity, yet are peppered with references to aggression and sexuality. Fruit, vegetables, fish and figures that hover between beast and man regularly pass in review. For Wester the physical act of painting and drawing is the most direct way to capture the fluidity and forcefulness of the human spirit.” (Dürst Britt & Mayhew)
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Hans Janssen, Amphilon.

Te zien tijdens de tentoonstelling ‘Menselijk, al te menselijk. Tragiek en vreugde, religie en cultuur’, 10 januari-19 april 2020 in het Musiom – huis voor hedendaagse kunst, Amersfoort.

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Same Bed, Different Dreams

femmy otten

Femmy Otten, Same Bed, Different Dreams, 2018, oil on canvas, frame, 37 x 27,5 cm. Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij.

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You can tell me. I can keep a secret

Performance live Skype et exposition durant Fin De Partie – Festival Du Film De Fesses #5 – du peep show en 1984 à la cam girl en 2018. Que serait Jane Henderson en 2018? Revival d’une scène de Paris Texas, de Wim Wenders (1 Julliet 2018). Stylisme: Abigail Tiecoura.

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Folds of Armor

folds of armor 

“Me” as “I”: I relate all the time to an “Other” as someone else; and in these relations I focus my self-understanding through the ‘skin’ – both physical and metaphorical – of my surroundings by means of embodiment. We are wholly affected by sharing this membrane which is landscape of architecture: the body of the space, the public space, where we live, where we build a life and society, where we can ask “Who are you?”… “Who am I?”

[An essay by Maria Kulikovska]

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marie antoinette

Marie-Antoinette (2017) by Laurette Massant.

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Madonna del Soldo


Madonna del Soldo (2012) by Elena Cermaria

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If You Were Coming in the Fall


If You Were Coming in the Fall (2012) by Femmy Otten. Limewood, oil on canvas and tempera on the wall 48 x 42 x 20 cm.

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Adorare (2012) by Sara Koning.

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