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You can tell me. I can keep a secret

Performance live Skype et exposition durant Fin De Partie – Festival Du Film De Fesses #5 – du peep show en 1984 à la cam girl en 2018. Que serait Jane Henderson en 2018? Revival d’une scène de Paris Texas, de Wim Wenders (1 Julliet 2018). Stylisme: Abigail Tiecoura.

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Folds of Armor

folds of armor 

“Me” as “I”: I relate all the time to an “Other” as someone else; and in these relations I focus my self-understanding through the ‘skin’ – both physical and metaphorical – of my surroundings by means of embodiment. We are wholly affected by sharing this membrane which is landscape of architecture: the body of the space, the public space, where we live, where we build a life and society, where we can ask “Who are you?”… “Who am I?”

[An essay by Maria Kulikovska]

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marie antoinette

Marie-Antoinette (2017) by Laurette Massant.

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Madonna del Soldo


Madonna del Soldo (2012) by Elena Cermaria

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If You Were Coming in the Fall


If You Were Coming in the Fall (2012) by Femmy Otten. Limewood, oil on canvas and tempera on the wall 48 x 42 x 20 cm.

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Adorare (2012) by Sara Koning.

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Ma Chatte Mon ©

Après avoir réinterprété Olympia, Deborah De Robertis devient la réincarnation d’une Mona Lisa inattendue et contemporaine. L’artiste italo-franco-luxembourgeoise, notamment connue pour avoir montré son sexe devant L’Origine du monde de Courbet, vous invite au lancement de MA CHATTE MON ©, sa dernière œuvre audiovisuelle où elle dévoilera les images inédites de sa performance devant La Joconde. Continue reading “Ma Chatte Mon ©”

Grand View / Narrow Mind


‘Grand View / Narrow Mind’ is a new show with works by Renie Spoelstra in Galerie Ron Mandos in Amsterdam.

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The Turkish-Kurdish painter and journalist Zehra Doğan has been sentenced to two years, nine months, and 22 days in prison for creating a painting which depicted the destruction caused by Turkish security forces in the Nusaybin district of Mardin province, a Kurdish region in Turkey. Sign the petition requesting her release here.

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