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One tear at a time

From 25 November – 9 January, Galerie Fons Welters in Amsterdam hosts ‘One tear at a time’ by Femmy Otten. Yes The Void publishes an interview by Charlotte Crevits.

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We go to floors seven and eight

A poem by stained glass artist and poet Alison Grace Koehler from Stained Glass Poetry (Paris Heretics, 2020). Photographs by: Yann Lagoutte.

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Red Veil


Red Veil, by Adam Hunter Caldwell

A painting by Adam Caldwell.

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Mussels #5

Mussels #5 by Wieske Wester.

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Hans Janssen, Amphilon.

Te zien tijdens de tentoonstelling ‘Menselijk, al te menselijk. Tragiek en vreugde, religie en cultuur’, 10 januari-19 april 2020 in het Musiom – huis voor hedendaagse kunst, Amersfoort.

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Same Bed, Different Dreams

femmy otten

Femmy Otten, Same Bed, Different Dreams, 2018, oil on canvas, frame, 37 x 27,5 cm. Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij.

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You can tell me. I can keep a secret

Performance live Skype et exposition durant Fin De Partie – Festival Du Film De Fesses #5 – du peep show en 1984 à la cam girl en 2018. Que serait Jane Henderson en 2018? Revival d’une scène de Paris Texas, de Wim Wenders (1 Julliet 2018). Stylisme: Abigail Tiecoura.

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Folds of Armor

folds of armor 

“Me” as “I”: I relate all the time to an “Other” as someone else; and in these relations I focus my self-understanding through the ‘skin’ – both physical and metaphorical – of my surroundings by means of embodiment. We are wholly affected by sharing this membrane which is landscape of architecture: the body of the space, the public space, where we live, where we build a life and society, where we can ask “Who are you?”… “Who am I?”

[An essay by Maria Kulikovska]

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marie antoinette

Marie-Antoinette (2017) by Laurette Massant.

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