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Marie-Madeleine / maria magdalena

The work ‘Marie Madeleine’ by Laurette Massant inspired the poem  ‘maria magdalena’  by Edwin Fagel.
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Mac FIT – Impedimenta

Read the poem by Rim Battal here.

Reading & music: Mac FIT

I want you to lick my ketchup

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A Plastic Prose Peep Show

Laurette Massant. KOMPLOT – le Garage, 18.09.2008, Brussels.

Video: TVF. © TVF 2008

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Fuck my money (trailer)

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Happy Birthday

On November 23th, 2015, Ukranian artist Maria Kulikovska performed a ‘recreation of the destruction’ of the soap sculptures ‘Homo Bulla’ (2012). Today, during the inauguration of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, we repost the clip, by kind permission of the artist.
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Opening the void

An interview with Luxembourg performance artist Deborah De Robertis on her performance Miroir d’origin.

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