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A picture by Polish photographer Laura Makabresku.


Collages by Belgian artist Katja Homolka
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A series of pictures by Rim Battal
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In December 2021, Place will be published: a book of photographs and poems by Gilles Boeuf. The book will also contain translations of the poems into English, by translator Claudette Sherlock. You can order the book here. Yes The Void publishes one translation in advance, along with the Dutch original.
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Kesän vihreä päärynä

‘Summer’s green peer’, a picture by Katia Chausheva.


A series of photographs by Estelle Boelsma.

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The Mother of God/Compassion

‘Compassion’, from: ‘The Mother of God’. Photography by Laura Makabresku

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Negative Space

Official video clip for Negative Space, a vocal and sound art piece by Lesteria. Video produced and directed by Paris Heretics, 2020. All text, soundscaping, and instrumentation composed and performed by Lesteria. The clip is on Yes The Void accompanied by three photos of Lesteria by Lucy Loomis.

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We go to floors seven and eight

A poem by stained glass artist and poet Alison Grace Koehler from Stained Glass Poetry (Paris Heretics, 2020). Photographs by: Yann Lagoutte.

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