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Lonelygirl15 is telling me about her day

Yes The Void publishes a new poem by Merel van Slobbe, with an illustration by May Blank (Instagram: @fraublank).

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Negative Space

Official video clip for Negative Space, a vocal and sound art piece by Lesteria. Video produced and directed by Paris Heretics, 2020. All text, soundscaping, and instrumentation composed and performed by Lesteria. The clip is on Yes The Void accompanied by three photos of Lesteria by Lucy Loomis.

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One tear at a time

From 25 November – 9 January, Galerie Fons Welters in Amsterdam hosts ‘One tear at a time’ by Femmy Otten. Yes The Void publishes an interview by Charlotte Crevits.

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Lucia Joyce Wake

Sylvia Di Ianni transforms an art space into an aquarium: she, with the ten writers, is Lucia Joyce, the dancer, the madwoman, the daughter of James Joyce. The Roman artist recreates a place to lock oneself up to recreate art, Lucia Joyce Wake is inspired by the book by James Joyce Finnegans Wake, the last novel by the Irish writer, published in 1939, in which the term wake stands for wake or awakening, and it is in a visionary vial that he closed and buried the same daughter, after Jung’s diagnosis of schizophrenia.

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De nieuwe bundel van Estelle Boelsma is verschenen bij de Kaneelfabriek: Kore. Een verfijnd en doorwrocht werk waar taal en mythe hand in hand gaan. De bundel is hier te bestellen. Hieronder publiceert Yes The Void als voorproefje een gedicht uit de bundel.

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Aan de rand van een lichaam

In het chapbook Aan de rand van een lichaam (Uitgeverij Wintertuin) brengt Merel van Slobbe poëzie en filosofie bij elkaar in een zoektocht naar online en offline identiteit. Ze experimenteert met zichtlijnen om te onderzoeken: hoe observeren wij, en hoe worden wij geobserveerd? Yes The Void publiceert twee gedichten. De bundel is hier te bestellen.

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We go to floors seven and eight

A poem by stained glass artist and poet Alison Grace Koehler from Stained Glass Poetry (Paris Heretics, 2020). Photographs by: Yann Lagoutte.

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Red Veil


Red Veil, by Adam Hunter Caldwell

A painting by Adam Caldwell.

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Mussels #5

Mussels #5 by Wieske Wester.

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