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kim addonizio

A poem by Kim Addonizio.

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A poem by Kim Addonizio

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Kim Addonizio (1954) is an American poet, novelist and musician (website).

Joost Baars (1975) is a Dutch poet (website).

Rim Battal (1987) is a French-Moroccan poet and photographer (tumblr).

Estelle Boelsma (1971) is a Dutch poet and artist (publisher’s website)

Gilles Boeuf (1970) is a Dutch poet and photographer (website).

Elena Cermaria (1976) is an Italian artist (tumblr).

Kiki Coumans (1971) is a Dutch translator (website).

Marine Delgado is a French artist (website).

Zehra Doğan is a Kurdish artist and journalist.

Floris Duijvestein (1976) is a Dutch-Phillipine artist (website).

Edwin Fagel (1973) is a Dutch poet (website).

Ross Gay (1974) is an American poet (website).

Rozalie Hirs (1965) is a Dutch poet and composer (website).

Sonia de Jager (1988) is a Brazilian researcher

Aranya Johar (1998) is an Indian poet (Instagram).

Michael Klein is an American poet (website).

Sara Koning (1991) is a Dutch artist (website).

Maria Kulikovska (1988) is a Ukranian artist (website).

Dorothea Lasky (1978) is an American poet (website).

Van Lonesome is a Dutch singer-songwriter (website).

Mac FIT is a French musician (website).

Lieke Marsman (1990) is a Dutch poet (website).

Laurette Massant (1985) is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist (website).

Camille Moravia (1970) is a French artist (website).

Roelof ten Napel (1993) is a Dutch writer and poet (website).

Femmy Otten (1981) is a Dutch artist (website).

Nina El Polin is a French artist (Vimeo).

Deborah De Robertis (1984) is a Luxembourg artist (website).

Felix Rothschild is a German digital artist (website).

Danez Smith (1990) is an American poet (website).

Renie Spoelstra (1974) is a Dutch artist (website).

Christophe Tarkos (1963-2004) was a French poet.

Barbara Timmers is a Dutch gallery owner (website).

Alexander Tinei (1967) is a Moldavian artist (website gallery).

Barbara Tscharnidling (1974) is a Dutch-Austrian photographer (instagram).

Gabriele Viertel (1969) is a Dutch photographer (website).

Nadia de Vries (1991) is a Dutch poet (website).

Heriberto Yépez  (1974) is a Mexican poet (website).

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