Sylvia Di Ianni transforms an art space into an aquarium: she, with the ten writers, is Lucia Joyce, the dancer, the madwoman, the daughter of James Joyce. The Roman artist recreates a place to lock oneself up to recreate art, Lucia Joyce Wake is inspired by the book by James Joyce Finnegans Wake, the last novel by the Irish writer, published in 1939, in which the term wake stands for wake or awakening, and it is in a visionary vial that he closed and buried the same daughter, after Jung’s diagnosis of schizophrenia.

A very talented dancer, a scholar of the Duncan method, Lucia, who was born in Trieste, and who wrote to her father in Italian, is an interrupted girl, her consciousness is a blocked flow, locked up in a psychiatric clinic. In 1934 Lucia’s dance stops, that of her father will end with the novel of ’39.
Sylvia Di Ianni’s homage is to one of her famous performances in which Lucia is the sea, it is here that Elena Cermaria searches for the concept of identity.
Un progetto @ultra_marine_art
In mostra: Elena Cermaria
Con la curatela di: Rossana Calbi
Installazioni scenografiche di:Marzia Taurino
Costumi originali: Sylvia Di Ianni/Flapper line
Musiche originali di:Rik Alemanno
Regia streaming di: Gabriel Jay