A poem by Alison Grace Koehler.

Here, in a clearing
ermine, velvet tresses
silk ribbon pearls
what does a virgin
how does she smell
rest your head on my lap, come
you do not exist, you are
tales of princesses, hunted horn
like a savior or red alabaster
a game of a ruse
tell me you are in
animal of myths of
gold leaf manuscripts
blood and carnal love
kill me when you understand
I am anything but
a story a dream of a girl
who isn’t, who is nothing
behind eyes that look through
yours, who will never come close
even if you find me here
and fall asleep inside
my lap, come in
I am ready
to be going
I am ready to come
quickly before one of us
let me,
I will let you,
I can
this time
I will let you go