This spring, Dark Hour by Nadia de Vries was published at Dostoyevsky Wannabe. Yes The Void presents three poems: ‘Dusk Petal’, ‘The Mothership’ and ‘Without Ornament’. You can order Dark Hour here. (Foto © Lola Noir)

Dusk Petal

If you are afraid of heights
Don’t look at me
I have wings as big as your house
Your house is the size of your anger
Didn’t your mother tell you
All angels are dead



The Mothership

The house was too cold.
You couldn’t hatch anything in it
except ill will,
and resentment
but those don’t pay the rent
nor the gas
hence this cold house
and my failing mothership.




Without Ornament

I sing to the ferns in my window.
They are made of plastic,
but not less real.
Sometimes they sing back to me
‘Leave us alone,’ they hum.