Dit voorjaar verscheen bij Tungsten Press de bundel Snakes van Dorothea Lasky. Yes The Void publiceert uit deze bundel ‘The leg’. De bundel is te bestellen via Tungstenpress@gmail.com. (Foto: Liza de Rijk)

The leg

You tell me to saw off my leg
But my leg is already off
I’m just driving around a field at night
Trying to find my leg that’s already dead
I can’t use it, obviously
So why am I trying to save it
Is it love?
No, I mean how much love can you have for your own leg
Some sense of… nostalgia?
No no
I told you I wasn’t like that
Is it cause you want to make some sort of amends
Maybe it’s cause I know why the saw cut
I want some sort of souvenir of that precise moment
Souvenir of your own mistakes?
Yeah, I guess so
Maybe I want to tell people
Who say I couldn’t have possibly felt them slice the leg off
That they’re wrong
For Syd
For the sake of Syd
Oh Syd
Syd Brancroft
Don’t you like me anymore
I took that train all the way to see you
And when I got there
All the things, all the furniture was gone
The mantle was dumbly stated and white
I think you called me
Was it months later
I couldn’t remember even my name anymore
I was already in the lilac dust
Oh and thank God I was
In the rosy fields
Where we’re all beautiful
Where we feel no pain
We are light and purpled
And pasty-colored
Our doughy arms they hold no one
But each other
Our ancestors
My ancestors
You guys ran across that whole city
Just so I could be here
Thank you
Thank you
I’m dead already
But even when you’re dead
You still have the means to say you’re sorry
And if I am sorry to anyone
It’s to you
Cause you didn’t have to put up with this mess
Of a situation
You had your own
Far worse
And now I play for you
Little suns
I let it dry up
To save the salvia
And Syd
No he didn’t do it all for me
But to say he didn’t do most of it
Well, that’s wrong too
So to the people who say
You have never felt
What it’s like to have a leg sawed off
I will say
You’re wrong, folks
Lift up my skirt
You’ll see
What you came here for Lift it
Go ahead
Lift it
The leg is gone
It’s gone
Been that way
For years