H64 is an internet artwork by Sonia de Jager and Marine Delgado. Visit the work.

There are several faces to the inquisitive nature of H64, but overall it can be said to originate from a fascination with the programming nature of language. The idea of language as a system that structures and models the ways we go about interacting with the world goes pretty much as far back as we can read. Generally speaking, the trouble with relying on words as categories and markers for real-time events is that every new event yields an entirely novel configuration of reality, and as such: these nominals are always in motion. Every new announcement about x changes the reality of x simply by applying a categorical marker to it, which in turn changes the category itself. As intuitive as it may seem to have names and categories, it has been shown throughout our thinking (read: written) history that they are incredibly problematic notions. The scientific drive towards repeatability and event-isolation has cleared some of the problematics in this respect, but on the whole it has actually deepened the issues further. The fractalization of the category problem continues on.

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