On November 23th, 2015, Ukranian artist Maria Kulikovska performed a ‘recreation of the destruction’ of the soap sculptures ‘Homo Bulla’ (2012). Today, during the inauguration of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, we repost the clip, by kind permission of the artist.

‘Homo Bulla’ is  Maria Kulikovska’s installation of soap sculptures of her own body, which is located on the site of Izolyatsia Museum in Donetsk, Ukraine. The soap origins from the same company which sells soap to the Swedish military: soap blocks are used for ballistic testing, because the texture of the soap is similar to that of the human skin.

The sculptures of ‘Homo Bulla’ were shot and destroyed by the occupying Russian soldiers. The performance ‘Happy Birthday’, at Saatchi Gallery in London, is a ‘Flowers of Democracy’ protest art action.